Fighting Corruption

Illinois ranks among the most corrupt states in the nation, yet any efforts to curtail the unethical practices in state government remain futile. The legislative Inspector General resigned her post because state legislators' ethics reform package was too weak. Joe pledges to empower government watchdogs, not block their efforts to root out corruption. The only way to have systematic ethics reform in Illinois is to remove those who broke the public's trust and defeat others who watched silently, letting it happen.

Making Illinois Affordable

The tax and spend policies coming out of Springfield make it harder to raise a family and operate a business. The unfair, inconsistent COVID-19 mandates only negatively impacted our local economy further. Joe opposes all tax increases, supports a balanced budget requirement, and calls for spending reforms, so local taxpayers are no longer shouldering the financial burdens of Springfield’s reckless spending habits.  


Tackling Crime

Crime is skyrocketing across the state, and the only solutions from Illinois politicians are measures giving more freedom to the criminals at the expense of our local law enforcement. Joe is a firm believer in supporting our law enforcement professionals and pledges to improve funding and training, ensuring the resources they need to keep our communities safe are always available.  

Conservative Values

Far-left politicians and policies are destroying our state. Joe is a family man with deep Christian faith. He believes we must protect religious liberties and parental rights. Joe is 100% pro-life, 100% pro-2nd Amendment, and will uphold our conservative values while representing us in Springfield.